Cathy creates a unique, supportive and fertile atmosphere, designed to help students (whether they are beginning, intermediate or advanced),to expand their imaginations and productivity, find their distinct voice, enjoy the process of writing and editing, and feel part of a rich community of writers.  Many of her students have won prestigious literary prizes, published  reams of poetry, short stories, memoirs and novels.

Her class exercises and assignments are specially designed to bring writers to the next level, to give them the key to access a wealth of creativity inside of them. 

Cathy is available for private consultations for poetry, novels, non-fiction and screenplays.  For over 20 years she has consulted with the screenwriters of Men in Black, Get Shorty, Minority Report, Thelma and Louise, Seven Years in Tibet and many others.

"I use Cathy whenever I can to help me with all stages of my work.  She's incredible at the beginning, helping me isolate themes, tone, character, mood.  She's valuable in the middle, when I sometimes feel as though I've lost my way.  And when it's done, no one is a better editor and critic. Gentle as she may be in approach, she is ruthless and insightful.  There's no one better out there."
--Ed Solomon, screen writer of Men in Black

“Cathy, my life has changed since I've met you! Being in your class has provided me with the nurturing structure I need to experiment and expand my writing.  You've created a place where it feels safe to be unsafe.  There's absolutely no turning back now.”
--Bumble Ward, public relations

"Cathy creates a safe place for you to nurture and hear your unique voice and to surprise yourself."
--Christine Ecklund, screenwriter and fiction writer

"Cathy Colman is responsible for any success I've had as a writer. Before I joined Cathy's workshop, my internal critic had been running the show and I could hardly put word to paper, despite a strong desire to do so. Cathy's embracing, positive approach and unique exercises helped me, literally, unleash the writer within. She continually helps me find what is good in my writing and gets me to do more of it."
--Rachel V, whose work has appeared (since taking Cathy's class) in Passages North, Quarterly West, Dos Passos Review, Rio Grande Review, Pacific Review, and other publications.

​“Cathy Colman's incisive, purposive teaching style emboldens me week after week to face the deadly and dreaded blank page -- with more and more life and less and less dread. She knows how to liberate the imagination and create a magical, safe communion among us students. Her class leaves me feeling dazzled and grateful every time.”
-Meredith Muncy , WGA - television; MFA from Columbia University 

"Cathy Colman lives and breathes the artist's life. Her in-class workshops are invariably stimulating, productive and supportive experiences; her critiques cut to the marrow of any creative work, exposing the full potential of its emotional and literary expression as well as articulating publishing possibilities. Cathy Colman's Writers Workshop is invaluable to my writing life and provides an exciting springboard for all my creative work."
--Tracy DeBrincat, poet, author, recently published story collection Moon is Cotton and She Laugh All Night, her novel, Hollywood Buckaroo, is coming out soon 

“During the fifteen years I have been taking Cathy's classes I have seen so many writers blossom. The atmosphere she creates is supportive and inspirational.  She is like rich soil and sunlight.”
--Hal Ackerman, professor of screenwriting at UCLA, author of Stein, Stoned and Stein,Stung

"Cathy Colman's writing workshop provides a warm, safe and friendly creative environment that buzzes with energy and excitement. I've published stories and found that working with Cathy has brought a richness and vividness to my life. Plus there are snacks!" 
--Barry Herzog, Attorney